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Dweebies Card Game

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Dweebies is a kid’s card game with a nice level of strategy. It’s very simple to play. Oh, and it’s designed by an Aussie: Tim Roediger. Goooo Tim!

The 54-card deck is full of 27 different kinds of ‘Dweebies’. Each kind of Dweebie has a name and an illustration to show what s/he is into: there’s Super Dweebie; Dr Dweebie, Fix-it Dweebie and so on. Each Dweebie also has a number of dots under an icon in the corner of the card. This shows how many there are of that type of Dweebie in the deck. For most there’s two; for some there’s one or three.

Each player starts with a hand of five random Dweebies, and the rest of the card go into a face-down deck to draw from. A turn consists of laying a card beside a Dweebie that’s already on the table. After playing a card the player then draws a card to replace it.

When a player places a Dweebie card and there’s already one of the same Dweebies on the table in a straight line (not including diagonals) from the Dweebie just played, he or she gets to pick up both cards and all the cards in-between them. They go into that player’s your score pile.

If picking up Dweebies means that there are now groups of Dweebies isolated from each other, the next cards played must re-join the Dweebies using the shortest possible link.

The game continues until all the cards are played, at which point the player who has captured the most Dweebies wins.

  • 8+
  • great for travel
  • 2-6 players
  • encourages memory skills
  • Australian designed

1. Dweebies have a profession or hobby that they¹re wildly passionate about.

2. All have names related to that passion (ie, Super Dweebie, Dr. Dweebie, Fix-it Dweebie).

3. Dweebies have no more than three (natural) hairs on top of their heads!

4. As for the game, we found it was incredibly easy to learn and play, but deceptively hard to win!

5. One of the Dweebies let us in on a strategy tip: Don't let any line of cards get too long.


  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products
  • Major Fun Award
  • Parents' Choice Fun Stuff
  • Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award
  • iParenting Media Award
  • National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Gold Award
  • National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Age 7 years +

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Andrew Bunyip Says

This game is quick and fun and is a great one to introduce kids to the joys of card and board games. Although it is designed for 8+, it could be played by kids of 4 if they are playing with older kids or adults.

Tim Goanna Says

So, I like this game. I like it enough that My boardgamegeek username is ‘superdweebie’. The art is a lot of fun, and everyone seems to have their favourites.

My least favourite is Yoga Dweebie, which I affectionately know as Orange Blob Dweebie. And my favourite has to be Lead Guitar Heavy Metal Dweebie (now you know what one of my unfulfilled dreams is!)

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