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To storm a castle properly, you need a good ballista. Everyone knows that. The Falcon Knights badly want to take the Lion Knights' Empire Castle and capture the king and the queen and all the loot, so it stands to reason that they're going to need this, the Falcon Knights' Ballista.

Even better, this is no ordinary garden-variety ballista: It is a Gatling-ballista! It can fire up to six times before requiring a reload. Take that, Lion Knights!

Aside from the ballista itself, this set also comes with the muscle to operate and protect it. There's a knight on horseback with a shield and a one-handed crossbow, a foot soldier with a shield, sword and a sweeeeeet double-headed axe, and a bearded ballista operator with a sword and a bad attitude!

This Playmobil #4868 Falcon Knights' Ballista set features:

  • A ballista with rolling wheels and a rotating magazine.
  • Three Falcon Knights figures with a horse, arms and armour.

About Playmobil

Playmobil figures are 7cm tall and have hands that hold the various scaled accessories, arms that move, head that rotates and body that bends at the waist. Plus the ubiquitous smile of course!

All Playmobil plastic components are made in Germany, except for the figures which are made in Malta. All parts meet the strictest EU and US safety requirements.


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