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Playmobil - Amphibious Firefighting Plane - 5560

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The perfect way fight firesÌ__Ì_‰Û_Ì____Ì__Ì_‰Û_•À_Ì�Ì_è Ì__Ì_‰Û_Ì__Ì__Ì__Ì_‰Û_Ì___Ì__Ì_‰Û__Ì__Ì_‰Û_Ì_____the hard to reach wilderness areas.

The Playmobil Amphibious Plane comes with a pilot and a number of fire markers so you can outline your pretend fire.

And best of all you can scoop up water and drop it on your fire. Definitely don't drop it out on mum and dad while they lie on the coach or your big sister anywhere!


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