About Playmobil


Playmobil. Where to start?

As a brand Playmobil has been around since 1974. I got my first sets in 1978 and have been collecting ever since.

As a child I loved the fact that the figures had realistic accessories - cowboys with pistols, pirates with cutlasses and telescopes and shovels for digging up treasure. They weren't just solid plastic figures like my collection of plastic army men. Or like my GI Joe who was great but expensive so he tended to save the world by himself with a very limited wardrobe as outfits were also expensive.

As a parent I love how Playmobil encourages creative play and interaction. I used to love working in my study while my son played nearby with a running commentary of his figures talking to each other and acting out adventures. I also like how they are durable and will last a long time. I still have some of my original 1978 purchases.

As a retailer with the largest range in Australia I love how they are great value. Sure you can get your latest Teenage Mutant Superhero Frozen Princess action figure but how long before it breaks or the next Hollywood blockbuster comes out and your child's latest toys are discarded like some extra in Toy Story 3?  Playmobil has lasting appeal and your kids will always come back to it.  I don't want to sell toys I wouldn't want my kids to have.

As a collector I just think they are really, really nice toys. They are all smiling - even the rough-looking pirates. They continually refresh the themes so each year there are new sets coming out as well as old themes renewed.

Put simply it is a great brand. I am yet to meet a child who has not been taken with Playmobil on their first encounter.

As you can tell, I am very passionate about the brand so feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.