Welcome to the new Bunyip Toys website

Welcome to the new Bunyip Toys website!

Welcome to my new website. Since I changed Bunyip Toys to being Australia's first Playmobil-only store I thought it was time for a revamp of the website.

I'd love to hear any feedback you have about it.

Here are a few key changes:

Reward Points: The new reward points scheme is really simple. Instread of you having to "buy" discount vouchers you can simply choose to apply your points at the checkout (20 points = $1). You can check your points simply by logging in and going to My Account. 

Points from old reward scheme: All points from the old scheme have been converted to store credit which you can choose to apply at the checkout.

Paying by Lay-by: The website allows you to layby in two ways. Either elect to pay for your order via Bank Deposit. You can then go into your account and click "Pay" on the relevant order. You then have the option to choose how much you want to pay using Visa or Mastercard. Alternatively you can, through the shopping cart, pay 25% up front and then automatically be billed the remaining amount in three even monthly payments that will automatically be charged to your card.

Giftwrapping: You can now have your roders giftwrapped. If you have several small items please only add giftwrapping to one.