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Playmobil Robber Knights Assault Squad 4869


Is there any point even trying to storm a castle without a battering ram? In a word, no. Is this a battering ram? Err... It is really more of a low-slung mobile pincer with an armoured wall behind it and a ladder up the back. How one attacks a castle with it is not entirely clear, but that's why siege engineers get paid the big bucks!

In other words, describing this Playmobil siege machine as a battering ram might be drawing a long bow. Also drawing a longbow (ha ha!) is one of the Falcon Knights who comes with this set. He's ready to pick off defenders on the ramparts of the Lion Knights' castle who would otherwise employ that tedious, clichd pour-boiling-oil-on-the-attackers shtick.

Playmobil 4869 Falcon Knights' Battering Ram set features:

  • The wheeled, spiked, battering ram itself!
  • A ladder to enable attacking soldiers to climb onto the battlements of their enemy's castle.
  • A knight and two foot soldiers to command and operate the ram, together with arms, shields and flags for the warriors to carry into battle.


About Playmobil

Playmobil figures are 7cm tall and have hands that hold the various scaled accessories, arms that move, head that rotates and body that bends at the waist. Plus the ubiquitous smile of course!

All Playmobil plastic components are made in Germany, except for the figures which are made in Malta. All parts meet the strictest EU and US safety requirements.

Not suitable for children under 4 years.


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